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Welcome to Westend

Westend loves sharing and being social: our food menu reflects this personality with options to enjoy as individuals or a group, at all times of day and evening

We source the best produce we can find (using some of our favourite local suppliers) we then treat it with respect and care in our kitchen until it reaches your plate. We value the connections we have with these local growers, suppliers and breeders which in turn forms a natural part of our overall food philosophy …and it’s really as simple as that: food doesn’t need to be complicated, only delicious. 

…for most, the space of a traditional public house might look dark, moody and masculine – basically all things that we didn’t want Westend to appear like! So we got our good friend Tarryn Joyce (CENTRA, The Smith Prahran, The Press Club) to give her modern interpretation of a great pub, dining room and bar featuring more vibrant, clean and brighter elements. The result is Westend (and we think you’ll love it)


Absolutely: we have multiple vegan & gluten free options in both our dining and bar menus View Menu

yes we can: depending on the size or nature of you needs, Westend can offer a variety of external catering options (Sizes Temporary Limited due to COVID19) 

we can cater for groups of all size and for all occasions in both our bar and dining areas (as well as our large function space upstairs at Shorts Place Social) – please get in touch to find out more email

Westend offers a contemporary menu that focuses on local produce, sourcing great ingredients, and simple uncomplicated cooking. We have a strong emphasis also our on grill: not just steaks (although we have some great ones to choice from!) but game, seafood, vegetables etc – we try to cook as much off it when we can.